Herbert W. Armstrong College offers two-year and four-year curricula in theology. Herbert W. Armstrong College is not an accredited institution by choice. We have never pursued accreditation and will not pursue accreditation, because it conflicts with our religious and conservative values. In higher education, accreditation is intended to establish minimum academic criteria for colleges and universities, as it seeks to provide a systematic method to enforce society's moral expectations on educational institutions. However, we believe God holds us responsible to educate students in accordance with His Word, as revealed in the Bible, rather than adhere to man's moral values.

Herbert W. Armstrong College (AC) is steadfastly committed to providing a quality education that develops the whole person. This is outlined in the college's fourfold Statement of Purpose, and its sevenfold Educational Objectives. In short, we believe that education must go beyond just preparing students to obtain a job or to prepare some for the ministry, but rather to prepare students to be successful in life. We believe this Bible-based education is at the core of creating strong Christian families, and strong families create a strong society.

We strive to meet or exceed traditional academic standards, when they do not conflict with the Word of God. We have a proven track record of consistently maintaining a high standard of excellence in our classroom instruction and in the overall character development of individual students and graduates. This is evidenced by a curriculum which provides traditional academic rigor, a varied work program, and activities that promote social development and service opportunities. Herbert W. Armstrong Colleges operates in accordance with the Oklahoma State Board of Regents guidelines. Transfer of credits from Herbert W. Armstrong College to other institutions comes at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Diplomas are granted from Herbert W. Armstrong College based on recommendation from the faculty. To receive either a two- or four-year liberal arts diploma in theology, a student must:
  • Meet all course, credit, academic and residence requirements of the curriculum in which he or she is enrolled.
  • Receive the recommendation of the faculty.
  • Meet all financial obligations.
  • Complete and submit Application for Graduation along with a $20 graduation fee.
  • Attend commencement exercises, unless excused.