Herbert W. Armstrong College is dedicated to supplying opportunities for development and socialization to make the AC experience a well-rounded one. The facilities, activities and faculty at AC provide a balance to the rigorous academic schedule. Students are offered outlets for relaxation while continuing to foster growth and development in their personalities. This section explores the many services and opportunities provided for students, as well as some of the rules associated with them.

AC Spokesman Club is an opportunity for students to develop their public speaking skills, personalities and character. It is patterned after Ambassador College’s Ambassador Club. Club is held every other week during the school year. In addition, it also includes a variety of special events with different formats, some of which allow guests to share in the club experience. Membership is compulsory for and limited to male students.

Several formal balls, dances and dinners are held throughout the course of the academic year. These numerous events add a distinguished degree of culture to the life of the AC student. During the course of an academic year, students will be able to enjoy a freshman reception, two ladies' night galas, Thanksgiving Ball, Speech Banquet and Graduation Ball. The Armstrong International Cultural Foundation and Philadelphia Club offer additional formal events above and beyond the rich college experience. Some of these events provide opportunities for students to serve the local congregation, outlying members of the Church, and the local community.

The college maintains an engaging and fast-paced intramural sports program. This program encourages students to expand their education by providing them with the opportunity to participate in a variety of vigorous sports. Most important, however, is the benefit of learning friendly competition and godly sportsmanship in a positive, energetic, uplifting atmosphere. Team sports include flag football, basketball, volleyball, softball and soccer.

The student outreach program is an opportunity for college students to extend their fellowship and service to outlying congregations. Outreaches are an excellent tool in furthering the third student educational objective: to become socially balanced. These occasions are beneficial learning experiences and provide students with a change to employ what they learn in and out of the classroom.

Philadelphia Club is a service organization for the Edmond, Oklahoma, Philadelphia Church of God congregation. It is open to members of the Edmond congregation and Herbert W. Armstrong College students. Inspired by Ambassador College's Ambassador Club, club members seek to discover and fulfill the needs of and to improve quality of life for Edmond seniors, singles, teens, pre-teens, children and families, visitors, and members in nearby congregations.

The central goals of Philadelphia Club are:
  • To serve the needs of the Edmond congregation.
  • To provide leadership opportunities for club members.
  • To provide interaction between Herbert W. Armstrong College students and Edmond congregation members.
Philadelphia Club members serve and participate in a variety of activities including club meetings, congregational outreaches, fundraisers, picnics and more. Upon joining, each Philadelphia Club member commits to attend Bible studies, the senior visitation program, and to serve in at least one Philadelphia Club organization committee for one of the congregational events. Membership is voluntary.

The student body is served by a student body president and student body secretary. These officers are appointed by the Dean of Students. The president assumes a leadership role for the class and helps organize and coordinate events and activities. The secretary’s role is to assist the president. Student leadership positions may be reassigned at any time during the year.

Summer break brings a new opportunity for students to learn—by teaching. In July, more than 100 teenagers arrive on campus for Philadelphia Youth Camp. At camp, AC students lead the young people as dorm counselors and instructors, putting what they learn into practice through positive, encouraging examples.