The following is a list of courses offered by Herbert W. Armstrong College for the current academic year. Course classifications are arranged by disciplines. Each listing includes the class number and name, a brief description of the course, and the amount of credit given.

The Schedule of Classes is published each semester and is available at the Office of the Registrar.

Non-credit remedial courses are numbered 001 through 099. Freshman and sophomore course offerings are numbered 100 through 299. Junior and senior courses are numbered 300 through 499.

An ab designation following a course number indicates a course that continues into the second semester without a logical break. Typically, the a semester serves as a prerequisite for the b semester.

Some courses may list prerequisites. These requirements must be met before the course can be taken. Individuals who believe they have equivalent preparation for a course may request special permission to take the course from the instructor. Prerequisites are more readily waived for those in the special student category.

The fall and spring semesters typically comprise 14 to 15 weeks of instruction with a week set aside for final exams. The summer session includes concentrated instruction that typically lasts for five weeks, plus an additional day set aside for final exams (see Academic Calendar). Each credit hour requires that a minimum of 800 instructional minutes be completed. Laboratory credit is calculated at one half of the instructional rate. Therefore, 1,600 minutes of laboratory time fulfills one credit hour of instruction.

Various teaching or instructional methods are employed in the delivery of the course material. Primarily, students receive classroom instruction via lectures and discussion. Courses may use different techniques as situations and materials dictate. These techniques include use of video presentations, brainstorming, case studies and guest speakers.

Some classes also require laboratory work to augment classroom work. Independent study courses may also be available. These courses consist of advanced study or research done on an individual basis under the direction of a faculty member. Interested students must have solidified course objectives and credit hours with an appropriate instructor and have it approved by the Dean of Students before registering.

To be eligible, students must have a GPA of at least 3.0 in order to enroll in an independent study course. A student may complete a maximum of six credit hours of independent study courses unless an exception is granted through the Office of the Registrar. Independent study should not take the place of a substantially equivalent course that is regularly available.

For online courses, recordings of each class are typically available in both audio and video format. AC strives to match the online environment to the in-class environment as much as possible. Students may submit questions to the instructors online. Handouts and other materials are posted on the course website for students to download. Students are expected to take quizzes and tests online and submit homework as well as course projects as directed by the instructor. Course grades are mailed to those in the special students category after each semester concludes.