Students who complete the four-year curriculum must fulfill all requirements of the two-year curriculum as well as the following:

Business: Business 223

Social Science: Sociology 340ab and either: Economics 201 and 202, International Relations 201 and 202, or Psychology 111 and 112

Theology: Theology 301, 303, 304, 325, 326, 411ab

Core Electives: Any combination of 12 or more hours of the following: Theology 301ab, 306, 308, 309, 310ab, 322, 331ab, 350, 365, 410ab, 416, 420 and History 407 and 408

Electives: In addition to these requirements, 45 credit hours must be completed from elective courses

Additional requirements include the following:

Credit Hours: A minimum of 128 credit hours (only courses numbered 100 through 499 apply toward this requirement)

Scholarship: A minimum grade point average of at least 2.0 (C)

Residence: Generally, a student must attend a minimum of three years at Herbert W. Armstrong College to obtain a four-year diploma. At least 24 credit hours must be completed while enrolled in the four-year curriculum, including at least eight hours of 300-400 level course work. At least 12 of the last 20 hours counted toward the diploma must be completed at AC.

Diploma Application: A student must apply to receive a diploma at the Office of the Registrar by January 31 for graduation in May.

Faculty Approval: Graduation and receipt of the four-year diploma is dependent upon the recommendation of the faculty.

Commencement Exercises: A student must attend commencement exercises to receive his or her diploma unless excused by the Dean of Students.

Additional graduation information will be provided to each student applying for a diploma leading up to commencement. All diploma requirements must be met by the end of the specified term or the student cannot graduate. If the requirements are not met, the student must file a new Application for Graduation to graduate at a later date.