The Herbert W. Armstrong College music department provides voice and instrumental training, and also hosts events for the public. Students participate in appreciation, musicianship, and studio voice and studio piano classes. They also combine with members of the local church congregation in Choral Union and in special productions such as Jeremiah—a musical and step-dancing extravaganza.

The department hosts regular concerts and student and faculty recitals that are free and open to the public—as are occasional master classes held in conjunction with the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation concert series at Armstrong Auditorium. The music department is integrated with the foundation: The cheerful usher who attends to a concertgoer during the Russian ballet, for instance, might well also be a college music student preparing for his turn on stage during the semester recital.

He might also be part of the college’s musical ensemble, which has toured the Edmond community and performed at public events: the Young Ambassadors.