The philosophy of the admissions office is that students should do their best to finance their way through college. The primary way this is done is through employment on campus.

To assist students, the College offers part-time employment with a payroll deduction system. About 48 percent of a student's pay is automatically credited to the student's account. If a student does not have a bill, he or she is not required to participate in the payroll deduction program.

When necessary, financial aid grants may be dispensed after a need is shown and due effort displayed on behalf of the student to minimize his or her bills. The financial aid officer will consider the use of money for luxuries above and beyond basic needs, the number of hours worked, and the student's effort to solicit family help.

The student body maintains a small loan program for emergencies. Full-time students can borrow up to $250 for up to 60 days or until the last day of each semester, whichever comes first. All questions regarding this loan program should be directed to the financial aid officer.

The College does not participate in federal student loan and grant programs.