Approximate yearly expenses for two semesters (fall and spring), based on 17 credit hours per semester, are as follows:
  • Tuition fees: $2,720
  • Room and board: $3,200
  • Books and supplies: $300
Total cost per year is approximately $6,220. The $4,000 entrance fee offsets much of the cost for the freshman year. Thereafter, the student work program enables students to pay off college expenses before graduation. Students typically work 20-22 hours per week while school is in session. Forty-eight percent of students' paychecks is automatically deducted to pay their ongoing college expenses. This plan enables students to graduate debt-free, whether they attend for two or four years.

Enrolling for summer semester courses is optional. Students will be charged $80 per credit hour. There are no additional room and board fees for the summer.

Each semester, tuition and other charges are billed at registration. All amounts owed to Herbert W. Armstrong College are an obligation of the student. Failure to meet any financial obligation when it is due is considered sufficient cause for cancellation of registration, postponement of graduation or withholding of transcripts.